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Bringing the Clinic to

Where Your Patients Are

Schools, Rural Communities, Workplaces, Pharmacies, and More
Remote Care

Rural Communities

Working closely with local and national governments to meet the healthcare access needs in rural areas, GALE | eClinics can be set up and deployed in many locations that offer easy access to residents, including rural community centers, churches, and local retail shops.

The units can be operated by the patient or with the assistance of a trained community member. 

The AI-optimized integration allows GALE to operate stand-alone or with a healthcare provider.


GALE also has the flexibility to connect to multiple healthcare networks: government, private or international providers.

Learn how the Guyana government is using GALE to deliver on the political and social promise of healthcare equity for all, even the remotest of their rural communities: Guyana National Telemedicine Launch.

The Path to Rural Healthcare Equity

Public - Private Partnerships

We facilitate the implementation of telemedicine in rural communities by working with governments to make telemedicine affordable, accessible, and easy to use in rural areas.


  • Funding + Clinicians

  • Overall $

  • Facilities

  • Medications

  • Community

  • GMOs

  • Specialists


  • Technology + Operations

  • eClinics + Connectivity

  • Medical Records

  • Dashboards

  • SOPs & Workflows

  • Training

  • Monitoring



School nurse providing medical care for a student using GALE|Schools: 19Labs’ comprehensive telemedicine eClinic solution tailored for schools

GALE delivers healthcare to schools, providing real-time access to clinicians for assessment and wellness information to educate families on managing conditions, first-aid treatments, and healthy living.

Discover how the GALE|Schools package reduces absenteeism, boosts healthcare for students and staff, and enhances provider-parent engagement by reading this article.


Or watch the highlight video below of the School Nurse of Wasatch School District presenting how the school district addresses healthcare by using the GALE platform. See the full presentation video on our YouTube Channel.



Onsite Telehealthcare is convenient for employees while reducing absences and improving productivity. 


Wellness programs provide a convenient method for employees to track health metrics and help to drive down overall medical costs.


Customized healthcare education promotes company initiatives. The result is an improved, healthier workplace environment.

Customized GALE telemedicine eClinic solutions for the workplace

Remote Patient Monitoring

GALE telemedicine solutions allow for remote patient monitoring

Customers can use GALE for both regular telehealth visits and remote patient monitoring in a simple, secure, and private way.


Monitor multiple patients’ vital signs over time with the best smart, connected devices and help physicians make better decisions. GALE does not require expensive, complicated EHR/IT integration.

Refugee & Displaced Centers

Refugees, migrants, and the displaced: an ever-growing number of people fall under these categories, and so does their need for adequate healthcare access.


Provide easy access to medical care for thousands with the GALE platform and comprehensive end-to-end solutions. Treat severe cases, identify and address unknown conditions and diseases, and prevent further health deterioration of those in already difficult situations.

Read how one partner has customized GALE to deliver a solution for refugees in Lebanon & the Middle East.

Provide easy access to medical care for thousands with the GALE telemedicine eClinic platform and comprehensive end-to-end solutions

Care Anywhere

GALE provides benefits to anyone working or living in a connected remote environment - oil rigs, logging operations, ships at sea, airplanes on extended flights, and more.

Providing quality Telehealth interactions with care providers that may be hundreds of miles away allows timely assistance in case of an accident or illness.

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