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Healthcare & Beyond

The GALE eClinic platform has touched on the lives of many, some in ways beyond healthcare. From rural communities, schools, and workplaces, lives are touched in the most positive ways. Read a few of the individuals' stories we can share here*.

*Some names have been changed due to privacy concerns.



CHW in Gunns Village, Guyana

Devina is a young woman and a Community Health Worker (CHW) responsible for over 300 people in one of the remotest parts of Guyana. As part of the Guyana National Telemedicine Program and 19Labs partnership, she has been empowered to use technology and become vital to the community’s health. She proudly supports and provides residents with advanced and effective quality healthcare.

When starting her journey as a CHW, Devina had no previous training or medical background. In a matter of days, she learned how to utilize the GALE platform and coordinate with support from the hospitals participating in the national program and beyond. Her work has grown beyond simple administrative duties. She is vital in performing ultrasounds and advanced diagnostic testing for community members, supporting the mothers in Gunns Village, and reducing the morbidity rate.

LT Devina


School Nurse in Rural Utah, USA

In the Wasatch School District of rural Utah, school nurse Aubreigh and her team struggled like most rural school nurses: limited resources to provide adequate medical attention to students, long distances between the various schools in the district, and absenteeism. The introduction of the GALE telemedicine platform transformed their approach by breaking barriers of distance and limited resources

Aubreigh 01.jpg

The platform's proactive approach to healthcare reduced absenteeism rates, as students could receive medical assistance without missing significant amounts of school time. The seamless coordination between healthcare providers, educators, and parents fostered a collaborative approach to student health. Overall, GALE empowered Aubreigh and her team to provide better medical attention, eliminate travel times, and promote the overall well-being and success of the students in the school district.

LT Aubreigh


Rural Oaxaca, Mexico

Cecilia had a stabbing, burning sensation in the chest and needed medical assistance. Without the resources to travel to the main hospital hours away, she turned to the GALE-equipped medical center in her area. The local general practitioner conducted an on-site examination using GALE and quickly sought support from a specialist.

Recognizing an anomaly, the internist took decisive action and referred the patient for a comprehensive study with pathology. A cancer diagnosis in the left breast was made. Now, Cecilia could travel with this diagnosis to the Specialty Hospital in Oaxaca, and within 15 days of her first Telemedicine visit, she initiated her treatment. Soon, Cecilia was back to her daily activities, and cancer-free thanks to the prompt and efficient treatment started with the Telemedicine visit.

LT Cecilia


Gunns Village, Guyana

At only 3 months old, Kyle had difficulty breathing, a persistent cough, and an intense cold. Being in a very remote area of the country, the baby's parents did not know the cause or the necessary treatment. An underlying internal infection was noted thanks to a GALE telemedicine session with doctors in hospitals in the capital. This resulted in an immediate evacuation to the capital.

Baby Kyle - Zoom Screenshot.jpg

Following the evacuation, the baby was diagnosed with meningitis and received prompt medical intervention thanks to being in a hospital able to provide the treatment. The baby's life was ultimately saved, and he continues to grow healthy and happy much to the parents’ relief.

LT Kyle
Lebenon Telemedicine - Composite.jpg



While crossing the street, Jasar felt short of breath, becoming so weak that he could not move forward. Soon he collapsed. Immediately several passers-by rushed to help him. Despite their best attempts, he only got worse. It was decided to carry him to the nearby GALE-based Telemedicine Center. The nurse on duty made an initial diagnosis, then contacted a specialized doctor to get his advice and guidance. 

Utilizing the advanced devices included with the GALE system, it was found that he was suffering from strokes and irregular heartbeats. He needed immediate intensive care. The patient was swiftly transferred to the hospital and placed in the intensive care unit, where he was provided with the necessary medical care and appropriate treatment for his condition. Thanks to the use of Telemedicine, he received prompt and accurate care making a tangible difference in his life.

LT Jasar

Dr. Liliana Aguilar

General Practitioner in Rural Oaxaca, Mexico

As the sole general practitioner in a small community of approximately 1,100 people, Dr. Aguilar faces unique challenges due to geographical isolation and limited resources. However, her commitment to providing essential healthcare services has taken a transformative turn with the adoption of the GALE telemedicine platform, thanks to collaborative efforts facilitated by the Oaxaca State Health Department.

Dr. Liliana Interview - 19Labs' Post - 1600 x 900 px 02.png

In the challenging landscape of maternal healthcare in Oaxaca, marked by high mortality rates due to complications, she has found a proactive ally in GALE eClinics. It has enabled her to connect patients with gynecologists during a consultation, allowing for timely transfers in critical cases. Her journey and the many successful stories she has been part of through this program stand as a testament to the power of telemedicine in bridging healthcare gaps. Read more of her story in our News section.

LT Dr. Liliana

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