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Empowering Healthcare in Rural Oaxaca: Dr. Liliana Aguilar's Journey with POCUS and Telemedicine

Dr. Liliana Aguilar, a general practitioner with the Health Services of Oaxaca, recently shared with EchoNous, our Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) provider for the GALE eClinic solution, how POCUS and telemedicine play a critical role in transforming healthcare delivery in Santa María Ozolotepec, Oaxaca, Mexico, the rural community she serves. 

Dr. Liliana Aguilar in the Santa María Ozolotepec Clinic
Dr. Liliana Aguilar in the Santa María Ozolotepec Clinic

Despite challenges arising from geographical remoteness and limited community resources, while serving as the sole physician in this remote area, Dr. Liliana plays a crucial role in tackling maternal healthcare challenges, particularly in high-risk pregnancies.


Facing maternal mortality challenges, during her conversation with EchoNous, Dr. Liliana emphasized the significance of leveraging telemedicine and POCUS technologies. The introduction of ultrasound technology, part of a GALE telemedicine kit, has marked a technological leap, enabling fast ultrasound connections crucial for high-risk scenarios. This has proven instrumental in streamlining the healthcare processes, saving lives, and transforming the small clinic into a vital support system.


This collaborative project with the state health department exemplifies the power of partnerships in bringing advanced medical technology to remote communities.


Dr. Aguilar's experiences underscore the transformative impact of POCUS and telemedicine in addressing healthcare challenges, enhancing infrastructure, and ultimately saving lives in rural communities like Santa María Ozolotepec.


Read her complete interview overview and the full conversation Q&A articles to learn more.

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