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GALE Telemedicine eClinics Helping Refugees

19Labs partner customizes the GALE Telemedicine platform to deliver an end-to-end solution for refugees in Lebanon & the Middle East.

Redwood City, CA – January 24, 2022

Refugees, migrants, and the displaced. An ever-growing number of people fall under these categories, and so does their need for adequate healthcare access. 19Labs and our partners deliver a solution. An example of this is found among the refugees of Lebanon.

Child in a refugee camp, a growing crisis worldwide

Doctory, 19Labs' partner of 5 years, customizes the GALE platform and delivers comprehensive end-to-end solutions to the Gulf area. With their study of the market and developed presence in the area, Doctory was poised to provide a solution to the refugees of Lebanon. With funding from Unilever and Lifebuoy, Doctory delivered a GALE eClinics solution.

ID card issued to Lebanese refugees during a visit to the Doctory customized GALE Telemedicine eClinic

This solution customized the 19Labs platform to fit the needs and the limited resources refugees face. In three months, partnerships with doctors were organized, and the technology solution was adapted and launched. Refugees were issued ID Cards, local health workers in the camps took vital signs, and doctors provided effective remote consultations followed up with medications when necessary.

The 19Labs-based Doctory solution has resulted in thousands of individuals having easy access to medical care, diagnosis, and treatments. Severe cases have been treated, and what is more, unknown conditions and diseases have been identified and addressed, preventing further health deterioration. An example of such is diabetes. Many have been surprised to discover they have this chronic disease. These have been found and diagnosed through the tests conducted at the Doctory Clinic Centers for blood sugar, hemoglobin A1c, and a doctor's evaluation via video.

Lebanese refugee receiving a medical examination using the GALE Telemedicine platform customized by our partner Doctory

One of the patients diagnosed with diabetes through the Doctory campaign is a cake seller who appears to be in good health. The program caught his attention, and he visited the Clinic Center to be examined. The blood sugar test result was 350 mg/dL, and the doctor was contacted via video through the Doctory | GALE system. The patient's data and vital measurements were displayed on the doctor's screen to conduct the evaluation remotely. The requested hemoglobin A1c check showed 15%. Accordingly, the doctor diagnosed the case as Type 1 diabetes. The necessary medication was dispensed, as well as an explanation of the recommended diet and lifestyle.

This is one of the many cases where an individual visits a Doctory Clinic Center unaware of their illness due to previous inadequate access to healthcare or believes they do not need a doctor because they are in "good health". With the 19Labs-based Doctory | GALE solution, they now have easy access to the healthcare they need, improving their quality of life.

GALE eClinic technology, 19Labs telemedicine capabilities, and the local expertise of our partners have touched the lives of many throughout the world, even in the most remote locations. How can it impact your community?

Contact us for a remote healthcare solution to fit your needs.

About Doctory

Doctory, based in the UAE and with offices throughout the Gulf, is an advanced enhanced telehealth and medical device company with a mission to contribute to advancing the quality of care in the region. For more information, please visit

About 19Labs

19Labs is the creator of GALE, a Next Generation Point-of-Care platform for pharmacies, schools, workplaces, and rural communities. GALE brings together cutting-edge diagnostic technologies from industry leaders like Zoom, Elo, Amwell, Samsung Mobile, MIR, Omron, Viasat, EchoNous, PAP Link, and many others in one smart, efficient, and cost-effective platform. It was designed from the ground up to be operated by non-healthcare professionals in locations with limited infrastructure and optimized for low bandwidth and intermittent connectivity. To learn more about GALE, please visit


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