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Remembering Our Advisor: The Legendary Dr. Paul Auerbach

Note: This blog entry is from Ram Fish, 19Labs Founder & CEO.

When we first built GALE, we looked at it as a smart first aid kit: a healthcare solution that's always with you. We believed that the platform should go beyond just video calls and provide interactive healthcare education and guidance. It didn't take us long to realize that Dr. Paul Auerbach, one of the world's leading emergency medicine experts, lived close by; and that's how our wonderful relationship started.

Our team joins the medical community in mourning the loss of Paul; an award-winning physician, author, and professor recognized for his contributions to emergency and wilderness medicine. Beyond his remarkable academic credentials (which included graduating from Duke and teaching at Stanford), he was passionate about giving back and volunteered in humanitarian efforts in countries like Haiti and Nepal.

Working Together With Paul

Considering Paul's passion for wilderness medicine and providing healthcare in rural communities, the connection to 19Labs was natural. We licensed his book, "Medicine For The Outdoors" and made it into an interactive healthcare guide within GALE. When he saw the end result, his reaction was: "This is better than what anybody could have done on creating an interactive guide based on my content."

"Medicine For The Outdoors: The Essential Guide To First Aid & Emergencies", a popular book written by Paul, was adapted into an interactive guide within GALE.

We realized that information on the guide should adapt to users' unique situations, so we developed a content management system that lets organizations add to Paul's content based on their own standard of care. Additionally, we thought that making the guide easily accessible is important, so we've made it available for offline viewing.

Videos, custom content, and external links can be added on top of Paul's content, allowing organizations to leverage his information while still including their own relevant data.

GALE is used worldwide, so we also translated his work. It is available in a variety of languages such as English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, and soon, Hebrew. Grateful For His Friendship None of this would be possible without Paul, and I'm enormously grateful for the opportunity to have worked with him. He is greatly missed, and our team sends love and support to his family in this difficult time.


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