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Celebrating Three Years of Transformative Telemedicine in Oaxaca, Mexico

As we celebrate the third anniversary of the Oaxaca telemedicine program, we reflect on the remarkable journey we've undertaken with the Health Secretary of Oaxaca and the profound impact we've had on local healthcare and communities. Over the past three years, our joint commitment to bridging healthcare gaps in rural areas has yielded transformative results, touched countless lives, and revolutionized how healthcare is delivered.

Redwood City, CA – April 17, 2024

From Advancements to Real-Life Impact


Dr. Paz Reyna Hernández Cerna, Coordinator of the Oaxaca General Coordination of Telemedicine

Since its inception, our collaborative telemedicine program has been a source of hope for underserved communities throughout Oaxaca, Mexico. The Health Secretary of Oaxaca’s State Telemedicine Network comprises 20 health units (11 Community hospitals and 9 Health Centers) distributed across 6 Health Jurisdictions. It is comprised of Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Pediatrics. Patients from the hard-to-reach and highly marginalized localities served lack access to specialty care. The Telemedicine program solves this healthcare inequity in such a rural landscape.

“The absence of specialist medical resources in our health units in the interior of the state,” says Coordinator of the Oaxaca General Coordination of Telemedicine Dr. Paz Reyna Hernández Cernas, “becomes a highly resolute medical care strategy through the application of digital health technologies.”

As shown in the past interviews and discussions highlighted below, we've spotlighted the revolutionary potential of telemedicine in overcoming geographical barriers and providing timely medical care to those in need. Real-life stories from the region have illustrated the tangible impact of our GALE telemedicine platform, demonstrating its capacity to save lives and improve healthcare outcomes.

Empowering Rural Healthcare


The program has empowered rural healthcare providers with the tools they need to deliver quality care. By hosting webinars and deploying advanced eClinics, we've enhanced prenatal care and addressed critical clinical questions onsite, minimizing complications and improving medical outcomes. Furthermore, our joint efforts to enhance internet connectivity in remote areas have increased access to specialist care, bolstering productivity and efficiency in the delivery of healthcare services.


The Journey of Dr. Liliana Aguilar


Dr. Liliana Aguilar's journey exemplifies the transformative power of our partnership in rural healthcare delivery. As the sole physician in Santa María Ozolotepec, she has leveraged ultrasound technology to streamline healthcare processes and save lives, particularly in high-risk pregnancies. Her experiences underscore the importance of collaboration and technology in addressing healthcare challenges effectively and improving infrastructure in remote communities.

Touching Lives: Cecilia's Story


Cecilia's journey highlights the life-saving potential of our telemedicine program in partnership with the Health Secretary of Oaxaca. Faced with a medical emergency in rural Oaxaca, she received prompt and efficient treatment through our GALE-equipped medical center, leading to a timely cancer diagnosis and treatment initiation. Cecilia's story is a testament to the impact of accessible healthcare services in remote areas and the importance of early intervention facilitated by telemedicine.


Driving Change: Insights from the Coordinator


The dedication of our team and the support of the Health Secretary of Oaxaca have enabled effective specialty care to be provided to hard-to-reach localities and strengthened the health system of Oaxaca.


“We have provided specialty care in a short time, minimized complications, reduced unnecessary transfers, and optimized healthcare resources, ensuring timely interventions and improving patient outcomes.” – Dr. Cernas.

Looking Ahead


As we celebrate three years of transformative telemedicine in Oaxaca, Mexico, we continue our commitment to advancing healthcare accessibility and outcomes in remote communities. The journey thus far has been, above all, defined by the lives we've touched and the impact we've made. As we look ahead, we are determined to continue making a positive difference together, shaping a healthier future for all.

Videos Featuring The Oaxaca Telemedicine Program

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