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Why Healthcare Kiosks Fail and Ideas to Fix Them: Insights from Industry Leaders

Telemedicine technology experts Ram Fish from 19Labs and Osama Chamsi Pasha of Doctory engaged in a thought-provoking conversation, delving into the nuances of healthcare kiosks' evolution. From dissecting past failures to proposing innovative solutions and envisioning the future, their dialogue offers insights for industry stakeholders and anyone invested in utilizing healthcare kiosks to solve their healthcare needs. Watch the entire conversation here.

Redwood City, CA – April 4, 2024

User Experience: The Cornerstone of Adoption


Ram Fish, CEO and founder of 19Labs, and Osama Chamsi Pasha, Doctory's COO, highlighted the pivotal role of user experience in fostering the widespread adoption of healthcare kiosks.

Drawing from their experience, they emphasized the need for a seamless and intuitive interface that inspires trust and confidence among users. Ram underscored the significance of simplifying the login process, advocating for solutions that minimize friction and eliminate unnecessary steps.

Osama echoed these sentiments and pointed out the effectiveness of using mobile numbers and OTPs (One-Time Passwords) as login credentials. This provides a hassle-free experience for users, prioritizes ease of use and accessibility, and enhances security. He emphasized the value of incorporating human interaction elements into kiosk design, such as clear instructions and intuitive touchscreens, to guide users through the process effortlessly.

Using mobile numbers and OTPs as login credentials


Furthermore, both experts emphasized the importance of ensuring privacy and security throughout the user experience. Osama highlighted the need for transparent communication regarding data handling practices and robust security measures to safeguard sensitive patient information. Ram reiterated the significance of building trust through stringent privacy protocols and encryption standards, reassuring users that their data is protected at every stage of interaction with the kiosk.


By prioritizing simplicity, accessibility, and security, developers can create solutions that resonate with users, ultimately facilitating widespread acceptance and utilization of this transformative technology. Leveraging innovative authentication methods like mobile numbers and OTPs is just one of the many ways to enhance the user experience and accelerate the adoption of healthcare kiosks in various healthcare settings.


Cost-Effective Innovation: Striking a Balance


In their conversation, Ram Fish and Osama Chamsi Pasha delved into the complexities of designing cost-effective yet efficient healthcare kiosks. They emphasized the importance of balancing functionality, affordability, and design aesthetics to ensure the viability and scalability of kiosk deployments.


Reflecting on their experiences, both highlighted the challenges of developing cost-effective solutions without compromising essential features. Ram cautioned against prioritizing aesthetics over affordability. He emphasized the significance of maintaining a focus on essential features while avoiding unnecessary complexity, ensuring that kiosks remain accessible and cost-effective for both providers and end-users.


Moreover, they discussed the importance of scalability and adaptability in kiosk design, highlighting the need for solutions that can be easily replicated and deployed across diverse healthcare settings.

Collaboration and Leadership: Charting the Course


In discussing the collaborative nature of kiosk development, Ram's insights shed light on the critical importance of leadership and decisive decision-making. He cautioned against the pitfalls of "design by committee," where consensus-driven approaches often result in convoluted solutions.


Ram emphasized that collaboration should not dilute responsibility or foster an overreliance on consensus. Instead, it necessitates the presence of a strong leader capable of synthesizing diverse viewpoints and steering the development process toward a unified and effective solution.

By empowering decisive decision-makers, stakeholders can streamline decision-making processes, maintain focus on key objectives, and ensure that the final product meets the needs of all stakeholders.


Looking Ahead: A Promising Future


As the discussion concluded, Ram and Osama expressed optimism regarding the future of healthcare kiosks. Despite past setbacks, they remained confident in the technology's potential to address the growing demand for accessible healthcare services. Their positive outlook, coupled with actionable insights gleaned from their conversation, instills confidence about the transformative impact of healthcare kiosks in improving healthcare access and patient outcomes.


In summary, the dialogue between Ram Fish and Osama Chamsi Pasha offers a comprehensive exploration of healthcare kiosks' past, present, and future. Their insights, spanning user experience, cost-effective innovation, collaboration, and leadership, provide a roadmap for industry stakeholders navigating the complexities of kiosk development and deployment. With a shared vision and a commitment to driving positive change, they pave the way for a future where healthcare kiosks play a central role in enhancing healthcare accessibility and delivery.

Ready to dive deeper into the conversation? Contact us or Doctory today to get started.

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