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Technology for delivering healthcare, especially remotely, is complex and rapidly evolving. We make it simple.  From patient interface, through smart diagnostic devices to the physician experience, we connect the dots. If you need to deliver healthcare in a new location - we make it happen. 



You do the Healthcare

We do the technology


Full Clinic Experience.

Not just video calls.

Remote Healthcare is about more than a video call. We bring the full A-Z clinic experience to your remote patients: From the welcoming, taking the vital signs, the doctor visit and patient instructions and education.

One complete, seamless and inviting experience.  


AI Beyond the Buzz.

AI helps make healthcare more efficient by augmenting your clinical process. We aggregate different types and vendors of AI (Triage AI, Diagnostic Devices AI or chronic disease management programs) so your doctors have the right data at the right time to work more efficiently. 

Costs matter.

GALE is designed from the ground up to make deployment affordable: Ease of use means you don’t need an expensive clinician to operate the unit. With our deployment management platform the need for local IT support is eliminated. So with benefits up and costs down, your new deployment is successful.