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UTAH Telehealth Network (UETN) Choose 19Labs GALE and CARES Act Funding to Bring Enhanced Telehealth

GALE allows UETN to expand diagnostic devices and enhanced telehealth features from 100 to 175 schools.

The problem was obvious...

When you’ve got one school nurse who has to cover five schools (and 3,595 students) in a 50-mile radius, meeting healthcare targets becomes almost impossible.

Precious time gets eaten up by nurses having to drive long distances from school to school. So what happens?

Pupils in need of review, support, and treatment are at risk of receiving an insufficient level of attention and care.

Nurses per school in rural Utah

But the 19Labs GALE partnership with UETN offers hope — there are creative solutions to solve the dearth of care access in rural communities.

With the help of FCC CARES funding, UETN setup each school with an enhanced telehealth kit, including a:

  • Tablet that acts as dedicated healthcare access point

  • Exam Camera

  • Stethoscope

  • Spirometer

  • Blood Pressure Monitor

  • PulseOx

  • And more!

Existing school staff can take measurements and operate the GALE unit. The nurses are able to provide care to students in once school located in another school. The nurses use Zoom video call to supervise the collection of the medical information, reviewing the students vital signs (Including auscultation, or ear inspection and offer medical guidance.

The result?

Nurses can spend more time providing expert healthcare and less time driving.

By choosing the GALE platform, UETN was able to expand beyond the original 100 units budgeted in the FCC CARES application to 175 units — a 75% increase in telehealth provision.

What’s more, UETN has the opportunity to further expand their telehealth solutions in the future. Rather than be locked to one diagnostic device vendor, they are able to leverage the best innovations from different vendors integrated into the GALE platform.

Another important consideration was the challenge of maintaining uniform standard of care across many locations. GALE supports customizable healthcare guides — interactive guides or videos (cached or from the web) that UETN can adapt to communicate key healthcare procedures and announcements, such as COVID-19 updates.

Nurses, patients, and clinicians can now be brought together with the latest medical technology designed by the 19Labs team.

Helping nurses to enhance and streamline their hugely important work with the use of technology is a big part of what we do. After all, GALE is named after Florence Nightingale (Hence 19GALE) the mother of modern nursing.

Lori Tuttle — one of only two school nurses in Emery County, says:

“We are honestly ecstatic about this. We have two school nurses to cover 10 schools in our district.”

There’s no doubt nursing is one of the most essential professions in society. And such a huge mismatch between community demand and government budget supply is enough to scratch your head… more than once!

But with the open-plan solution offered by GALE’s Enhanced Telehealth platform, nurses are supported rather than stretched to the limits.

So, with the case study above in mind, would you like to find out how 19Labs GALE can help the services you manage?

Feel free to contact us using the details below or get access to our FREE white paper by completing this form:


PHONE - +1 669 209 8600

Speak soon!


Thanks go to Declan Davey (Medical Copywriter) for co-authoring this article.


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