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Next Gen of Healthcare Kiosks: AmWell and 19Labs Introduce Digital Health Centers for Employers

19Labs, the leader in telehealth point-of-care solutions, announced today the availability of GALE Digital Health Centers. “On-site – for every site. GALE Digital Health centers enable employers to offer the benefits of on-site care to all of their sites as well as expand the services and utilizations of large on-site care locations,” says Ram Fish, 19Labs' Founder and CEO.

19Labs introduces GALE Digital Health Centers to drive on-site telehealth utilization

GALE units expand traditional telehealth to new places and use cases. Each unit supports different telehealth providers and technologies, including direct connection to national telehealth platform American Well as well as Zoom Video Communications. AI, smart diagnostic devices, and chronic disease management programs are integrated into a seamless experience. Designed with a unique focus on ease of use so any employee or facilitator can operate a GALE unit, significantly lowering the operating costs.

“GALE’s ability to support advanced smart diagnostic tools has been impressive,” says Dr. Ivar Mendez from University of Saskatchewan. “We have been working with 19Labs for the past two years, bringing GALE to nursing facilities and rural communities. With GALE, we are able to have a single open telehealth platform that can support different use cases: from traditional vital signs devices to ultrasound, multi lead ECG, and soon blood and urine testing. We envision Digital Health Centers in every employer, community center, and nursing facility.”

Deployments of GALE units are managed through the GALE Deployment Management System. The web platform allows units to be configured remotely, reducing the need for dedicated IT support personal. This further lowers the operating costs and the need for on-site management.

The combination of GALE new telehealth services and the GALE DMS cloud deployment platform is changing the telehealth business case and the result is a compelling cost-effective telehealth point-of-care solution that supports countless use cases.

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