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Florence "19GALE"? Happy International Nurses Day!

We're often asked why we're named 19Labs, and the reason is explained in this article

The 19Labs team would like to thank all nurses for their hard work this International Nurses Day. You, along with all our frontline healthcare workers, have played an integral part in the battle against COVID-19; and we’d like to join the world in celebrating your tireless efforts.

Why Are We Called 19Labs? (Hint: It's connected to Florence "19GALE")

Why are we called 19Labs? This seems like an odd question at first, but the answer is a lot closer to nursing than you might think. 19Labs, along with our GALE enhanced telehealth platform, are both named after Florence Nightingale as a salute to the public health pioneer and founder of modern nursing.

The name was conceived while our CEO, Ram Fish, was having a chat with business associate and renowned Stanford cardiologist Dr. Peter Fitzgerald at a local Menlo Park hamburger joint. They initially thought of naming the company "Nightingale" but found it a bit too long.

Dr. Fitzgerald, who runs multiple venture funds and has invested in 30+ digital health startups, then suggested shortening "Nightingale" to 19GALE. The name clicked and evolved over time, with the company eventually being called 19Labs while our platform was called GALE.

Five years later, GALE has expanded from a smart first-aid kit into a full-blown remote diagnostic platform available in rural communities, schools, homes, and healthcare kiosks worldwide; bringing Florence Nightingale's vision for advanced structured nursing into the 21st century.

Empowering Nurses Through Telehealth

One of the challenges that many nurses face is managing multiple patients across different locations. This is especially true in rural areas where resources are scarce. In partnership with UETN, we were able to equip 175 schools in rural Utah with our GALE enhanced telehealth kits.

This helped nurses like Lori Tuttle reallocate precious time. As one of only two nurses in Emery County, UT, GALE has allowed her to focus on looking after 3,000+ students by eliminating her usual 90 - 180 minute commute between schools.

About 19Labs

19Labs is the creator of GALE, a Next Generation Point-of-Care platform for pharmacies, schools, workplaces, and rural communities. GALE brings together cutting-edge diagnostic technologies from industry leaders like Zoom, Elo, Amwell, Samsung Mobile, MIR, Omron, Viasat, EchoNous, PAP Link, and many others in one smart, efficient, and cost-effective platform. It was designed from the ground up to be operated by non-healthcare professionals in locations with limited infrastructure and optimized for low bandwidth and intermittent connectivity. To learn more about GALE, please visit


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