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Ram Fish Exploring Global Healthcare Innovation with Tobias Silberzahn from McKinsey & Company

In a conversation with Tobias Silberzahn, Partner at McKinsey & Company, Ram Fish, 19Labs’ CEO and Founder, delved into the transformative journey of our organization and its groundbreaking impact on global healthcare. This illuminating discussion is part of Tobias's "Healthcare Innovation Leaders" series.

Ram Fish with Guyana's Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony, and the Toshao of Gunns Village

At 19Labs, we are pioneering a smart point-of-care platform designed for remote care in diverse settings such as schools, pharmacies, and rural communities worldwide. This platform has a particular focus on addressing critical healthcare needs in areas that often face challenges in accessing quality medical services.

Ram Fish emphasizes the complexities of the healthcare industry and the necessity for a sustainable model that combines advanced technology with a human touch. The interview provides an exploration of our seven-year journey, during which we introduced innovative care models and contributed to real, tangible impacts in the lives of individuals in remote and underserved areas.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pioneering a smart point-of-care platform for remote healthcare.

  • Emphasizing the need for a sustainable model that combines technology and human touch.

  • A seven-year journey of introducing innovative care models for impactful global healthcare.

Dive into the full interview to gain profound insights into the challenges, opportunities, and transformative potential of healthcare innovation on a global scale.

Read the full interview here: Healthcare Innovation Leaders - Ram Fish


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