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Bridging Healthcare Gaps: How GALE eClinics Reshaped Missouri Highlands Health Care's Outreach

In the vast expanse of rural America, access to quality healthcare has been a persistent challenge. This challenge is being solved in seven rural, medically underserved counties thanks to the collaboration between 19Labs and Missouri Highlands Health Care (MHHC).

Redwood City, CA – August 29, 2023

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Residents in rural areas often face numerous barriers to healthcare access, including geographic distance, limited transportation options, and a scarcity of healthcare facilities. Missouri Highlands Health Care, a federally qualified health center, has served these underserved, and primarily below poverty level, communities' healthcare needs for decades.

However, the challenge of reaching patients persisted. Due to the distance and seasonal weather conditions of these Missouri communities, it is common for a provider to be working at one location and unable to travel to others to provide needed consultations. Now insert GALE. MHHC has multiple eClinics throughout its organization and connects patients with physicians in real time who were not physically present, exponentially augmenting its clinic reach and services. This access to care means that patients no longer have to wait days or weeks to see a provider, significantly reducing the wait times and ensuring timely medical attention.

With GALE, MHHC offers more than just video calls to its rural patients. The eClinics allow for comprehensive consultations enhanced by diagnostic capabilities such as live auscultation and imaging. With over 25 diagnostic devices integrated with the GALE platform, MHHC's providers benefit from real-time clinical information to make informed decisions, augmenting their medical possibilities. In the short span of 4 months, an average of 12 telemedicine consultations took place every week at MHHC, with each call averaging half an hour and almost 600 diagnostic devices used before or during a video consultation.

“We live in a rural community primarily below the poverty level. GALE eClinics allows patients to have access to healthcare without having to worry about a ride or the expense of travel. Rural Missouri has greatly benefitted from the GALE eClinics!” - Amy Baldridge, Missouri Highlands Health Care Director of Nursing.

The partnership has also elevated the patient experience. Having a face-to-face consultation with a provider without needing to travel further distances reduces the financial burden. Patients feel more comfortable during consultations, leading to better patient outcomes.

The collaboration between 19Labs and Missouri Highlands Health Care has transformed healthcare service delivery in rural, medically underserved areas. It serves as a blueprint for the future of telemedicine and equitable healthcare access, benefiting millions of individuals residing in rural communities nationwide.

About 19Labs

19Labs is the creator of GALE, a Next Generation Point-of-Care platform for pharmacies, schools, workplaces, and rural communities. GALE brings together cutting-edge diagnostic technologies from industry leaders like Zoom, Elo, Amwell, Samsung Mobile, MIR, Omron, Viasat, EchoNous, PAP Link, and many others in one smart, efficient, and cost-effective platform. It was designed from the ground up to be operated by non-healthcare professionals in locations with limited infrastructure and optimized for low bandwidth and intermittent connectivity. To learn more about GALE, please visit

About Missouri Highlands Health Care

Missouri Highlands Health Care is a distinguished group of non-profit health centers dedicated to making accessible, quality, and affordable medical care available to communities across Southeast Missouri. With a strong commitment to compassionate care, they extend their services to individuals of all ages, regardless of payer source, within multiple Missouri counties, including Carter, Reynolds, Shannon, Iron, Ripley, Butler, and Wayne. Offering an extensive range of medical, behavioral, and oral health services, Missouri Highlands Health Care tailors its approach to meet the distinctive needs of each individual. By fostering overall well-being and providing comprehensive care, they play a vital role in ensuring optimal health for their communities. To learn more about Missouri Highlands Health Care, visit


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