Making Healthcare Accessible

In rural communities, Workplaces, Schools and more


Rural Communities

GALE can be deployed in a rural community center, church or the local retail shop. The units can be operated by the patient or with the assistance of a community member. AI optimized integration allows GALE to operate standalone or with a healthcare provider.  GALE has the flexibility to connect to multiple healthcare networks. Government, Private or International providers.

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Onsite Telehealth care is a convenience for employees while reducing absences and improving productivity.  Wellness programs provide a convenient method for employees to track health metrics and helps drive down overall medical costs. Customized healthcare education promotes company initiatives.  The result is an improved healthier workplace environment.

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GALE delivers healthcare to schools, providing both real-time access to clinicians for assessment and wellness information to educate families on managing conditions, first-aid treatments and healthy-life living.

Bayside School
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Care Anywhere

GALE provides benefits to anyone working or living in a connected remote environment.  Oil rigs, logging operations, ships at sea, airplanes on extended flights, etc. Providing quality Telehealth interactions with care providers that may be hundreds of miles away allows  timely assistance in case of an accident or illness. 

Jasmine June 2019
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